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The Caring Roadshows

Founder ... Trevor Clower


Create a Caring roadshow in your area.

Three Caring Roadshows were held outside Nottinghamshire in 2023.  They were in Barnsley, Sheffield and Leeds.
Have a look at these YouTube videos to see what can be done to showcase health and caring services to carers, patients and families in your area.         Barnsley        Sheffield        Leeds

In addition to being a marketplace to connect services and people, the shows generate conversations which highlight the real issues facing carers and patients. This information can be fed back to the planners of future services to create a genuine ‘Street to Strategy’ ethos.
for more information and comments.

Information for Commissioners

Those organisations that have a mandate to commission and invest in services that will benefit and improve the
Health & Wellbeing of their local communities may want to use the blueprint of a ‘Caring Roadshow’.

Listening to local communities about what matters to them and seeking their support in redesigning services could enable better cost-effective decisions in both the short and long term, creating a sustainable position at very little cost.

The blueprint of a ‘Caring Roadshow’ provides regular insight into local community issues.  Utilising this up to date, local, rich source of analytics could be used to inform your organisation about the current and future needs of your local community.

 The ‘Caring Roadshow’ blueprint is tried and tested and is strongly embedded in Nottingham/shire and we welcome the opportunity to share our approach with you for the benefit of your local communities.

Please contact Trevor through the ‘Contact Form’ at the bottom of this page for more information.  Happy to help.  

Who are Caring Roadshows For?

For carers, patients, family and friends who need information about local support organisations

Caring Roadshows are for people who want to obtain information about the range of support services available locally, enabling them the opportunity to make informed choices about the kind of planning, care and support they require. For example, someone needing social interaction with a support group. Alternatively they may need signposting to a charity, home care provider, NHS etc. Each show has up to 20 stallholders offering a range of support and signposting and are FREE to attend between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. For locations see 2023 Roadshows page.


If you need to plan for your loved ones financial future we have professionally qualified stallholders who can provide information about Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney. In addition we also have a qualified FCA advisor who can discuss Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Whole of Life Insurance as well as Family Income Benefit and Protection Insurance. Should anyone want to arrange any of the above then a confidential appointment with the qualified stallholder will need to be arranged. This appointment can be booked at the show.

For Organisations providing care and support

We welcome staff from organisation providing care and support. They can either apply for a stall to showcase their services or they can visit shows to find out what services are available locally for their patients and clients. Feedback from previous shows where visitors working in care such as social workers, carer champions, G.P’s, PCN link workers, general practices nurses, hospital discharge teams and other health care professional have found the shows a valuable local resource.

Want to set up your own Caring Roadshow?

Whether you are an individual or an organisation located elswhere in the country I can help and show you how to set up both a virtual show and live face to face shows. I can provide you with a 'Step by Step Guide' as well as practical support. You maybe part of Integrated Commissioning (Local Government, NHS), a Charity, Support Group, Football Club Foundation, Healthwatch etc. Just contact me by email from the contact page. I have helped Bury Healthwatch set up a virtual show and General Practice Nurses arrange shows in Leeds, Sheffield and Barnsley. Here to help, Trevor.

Our Volunteers

Over the last few years I have had 2 volunteers. They are father and son, Bryan and Eddie Gray.

Eddie’s help is in the use of technology. For example he built this web site for me and arranged for the domain name and hosting. He has also helped out at the shows.

Eddie Gray


Eddie helps out with tech. He built this website for me.  He is an independent mortgage advisor and I can certainly recommend him to anyone needing mortgage and life insurance advice. 

Web site:

Bryan Gray


Bryan, who like me is retired, helps with administration and promotion of the shows as well as being present at many of the shows.

Contact Us

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If you are interested in a stall or running your own Caring Roadshow please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

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